Here is an overview of Role Management in EverGenius.

Types of Roles:

System Roles: These are the pre-defined system roles which are available to all doctor offices. These are the system roles:

Office Admin



Custom Office Roles: Office admin can setup new roles for their own office with custom permissions.

System Roles Permissions:

 1) Office Admin: Can manage Contacts, Appointments, Doctor Profiles, Social Connect and all Analytic Reports. Permissions as shown in thescreenshots.

2) Doctor: Doctors can check their appointments and contacts which they have assigned. Permissions as shown in the screenshot.

3) Sales: Sales staff have rights to contacts or leads. Permissions as given below.

Steps to create Custom Roles:

 Office admin can setup new roles for their own office with custom permissions:

Step 1) Login to and click on Setting Icon on the right most of the site as show in screenshot below.

Step 2:) Click on the Staff Management on the left menu bar and click on Manage Group.

Step 3:) You will see the list of roles, and on top left you see the button to Add Group, click on it.

Step 4:) You will see this screen, give a name to the role, add slug, and its description, we have various permissions to the role as per your role requirement. Select the permissions and click on add group.

Now you have created the role(group) successfully.

Create user with new role:

Now once you have created the role(group) now you have to assign to the user(Staff).

Steps to create a staff member and assign it a role.

Step 1) Go to Staff Management and click on manage staff.

Step 2) Now click on the add staff button on right side.

Step 3) Now add the information of staff members from role section. Select the role you want assign to that staff member and click on add staff to save.

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