To set up your appointments in EverGenius:

  • From the Dashboard click "Providers" on the left menu.
  • Click "Add new" in the top right, and fill out the Provider's information.

Once the Provider is created we need to add that Provider's Calendar.

  • Click "Calendars" on the left menu, this will open up a drop-down menu with your Providers.
  • Select the Provider and set their default schedule in the Calendar.

You can now view the schedule by going to "Calendars" and clicking on the Provider you just set up.

To add an appointment simply click on an available time and add the appointment.

Note: You will need to have an existing contact in order to add the appointment.
To learn how to add contacts click here.

After the appointment is added it will be added to the "Appointments" list. And the Calendar will change to reflect a booked appointment.

Select "Appointments" on the left menu to view your appointments.

Make sure to select an action to Approve, Cancel, or Reschedule the appointment with your contact, or your contact will not know if the appointment is confirmed.

If the contact does not show up you can mark the appointment as Invalid or No Show.

Note: Users can also make an appointment from your website.

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