How to create display review widgets on your website.

Step 1
: Log into EverGenius and on the left site bar menu click on Reputation.

Step 2: Once you click on the reputation menu link you will see this screen.

Step 3: On this screen there are options to select the widget type and its style.

We have three types of widgets:

a) Testimonial Carousel

b) Sidebar Carousel

c) Honest Doctor Badge

Each widget has its own style properties to control text and colors for display widget.

Testimonial Carousel: 

Select Options and Copy embed code to clipboard

Save button to save the current configuration of the selected widget.

Widget Preview:

Sidebar carousel Preview:

Honest Doctor Badge Preview 

How to Use the Embed Code

Step 1) Copy the widget code from the generated code section on right side by clicking on the Copy to clipboard button as shown in the screen shot.

Step 2) Paste the following code anywhere on your site where you would like the widget to be displayed.

e.g. If you want to show the widget on the page of a WordPress site, paste the code in the WordPress site page in admin and it will display on the front end as shown.

WordPress Admin Page:

WordPress Front End Page:

Honest Doctor Footer Badge:

If you need to embed the Honest Doctor badge on a specific page, You can edit that page and add the embed code in the WYWYG Editor. It will add Honest Doctor badge in the footer.

Admin page view: Paste the code on the page in the WordPress admin page.

Front view screen:

On click the badge popup will show:

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